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Sex and Marriage

 Anytime, anywhere two could bump into each other and whilst their approach kicked in tandem geared up into a likeable sexual affair upon small talk. Itís being like that since immemorial times. The rate of intensity would be subjected to the availability and willingness of each party.
 The same goes with couples who are in love. What matters for them is to take the most out of each breadth and get to spice it up regardless. This one takes place when the couple happens to be getting plenty. All that matters is to be together.
 The stigma of loss, the eagerness to achieve and keep up with such achievement, is what poises them to play along and turn a blind eye on each otherís flaws (have you ever minded your boyfriendsí burps and farts?). 
 Routine (whatís that?), simply doesnít exist. Sex? Ah, sex is wonderful in all senses. All lay perfect, as if there was ever perfection within any given relationship prior to marriage.
 Men and women altogether seem to go by the notion that things tend to change after marriage, hardly ever for better. Habits and flaws mostly overlooked up until recently could grow louder perhaps nag, and no matter how fabulous the honeymoon would be, it goes without saying that all comes into an end one day.
 What about sex? It too changes along the way and Iím not on about such a routine that would get the coupleís lifestyle lined up. Meaning every single bit that could relate to their sexual department.
 Both genders vowed that sex which felt so delightful now leaves a lot for desire. If everyone is entitled to do as pleased, we might as well expect all sorts of issues and excuses coming from it.
 Accordingly the male understanding, the women tend to drag their heels after awhile, who in turn go on to saying that the men given their work commitments only want to stick in there, and no foreplay whatís.  If the couple happens to have kids, the reason then would be the lack of room and intimacy as it were.
 Anyhow sex tends to acquire new patterns due marriage, therefore unless a balance act gets stricken or time is made by the couple for catching up with the relationship, Iíd rather say that both are in for lagging sexual rapport.          
 Do you remember how good dating used to be? That funny feeling of missing someone? Canít help thinking of how important those seduction games were? What about having it replaced back in? 
 If you find no use for sex games in marriage, itís because youíre inclined to think that thereís hardly anything to be done past the conquest. To conquest is an art in itself, if you will, which calls for constant upkeep and renewal.
 To dress up nicely, to wear some nice fragrance, to display a good sense of humor, reassurance, reliability, knowingly reciprocative ways, airing love declarations, having sex thatís passionately driven( along with foreplay), talking things over, restoring bonds, herein the likely demeanors in every beginning are presented, posing both to look forward to sticking together, rather thriving on every conceivable moment.
 To pamper means essential. As married, peers tend to slag each other off exacerbating so flaws. So, what about putting a good word every now and then. Itís important for strengthening personal bonds (who doesnít enjoy getting the ego pampered?), so much for the relationship itself.
 Bear in mind that the conquest might be easy, harder would be to hold on to that.
 Anne Griza

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